Local Government Action

West Point City Council- Lloyd Singleton, recently retired cemetery sexton, was given a watch and a plaque by the city to show appreciation for his many years of service. Singleton has been replaced by Don Mellott.

- Tabled a decision on its hunting ordinance.

- Agreed to pay the expense for Craig Patterson's sewer hookup.

- Voted to give Tara Dalton, student from West Point, $50 toward attending the Hosa National Speech Oratory Competition in Washington, D.C.

- Approved a bid by Gary Kapp of $883.05 for sewer manholes on 4000 West.

- Approved registration for the city building inspector to attend the state plumbing seminar in Salt Lake City May 2-3.

Syracuse City Council

- Voted unanimously to decline purchasing the Syracuse Lions Club's building for a new city meeting hall and offices.

- Heard a report from the city's recreation booster club and its plans to sell advertising for billboards around baseball diamonds.

- Adopted a resolution to limit secondary water usage in the city to two days per week, three hours per day.

Clinton City Council

- Discussed three sidewalk safety projects, including one on 1800 North between 550 West and 630 West, and another by the main city park.

- Heard a report on vandalism and trespassing by school kids along 1600 North. Also took a complaint about underage kids riding motorcycles in the city. Police patrols may be increased immediately after school.

- Bill Russell has been appointed as chairman of the city's annual "Fun Days," Sunday, July 14, through Saturday, July 20. Any city residents willing to volunteer to help Russell should contact the city offices.

- Held a public hearing on improvements for Meadows Park. Most residents want the park made level and finished with grass first, but the city said costs to do that all at once are too high. Residents at the meeting voiced their overwhelming choice for a half-mile, paved jogging course around the park instead of an outdoor basketball course or a bowery. Major Weller committed to the city building that jogging course this summer.

Davis County Commission

In its meeting Wednesday, April 24, the Davis County Commission:

- Approved an interdepartmental budget transfer to pay for a copier for the health department. Total cost is $3,488, half coming from the department's nursing division and half from administration.

- Rejected a tax abatement request on a 3.8-acre parcel of property in Bountiful's Maple Hills area, requested by owner Byron Stubbs. Property taxes on the parcel, which is vacant, have not been paid in five years and the parcel is scheduled for auction at the county's May delinquent tax auction.