The City Council has unanimously voted not to purchase the Syracuse Lions Club Building for a new city office and meeting hall.

The Lions Club had publicly indicated it can no longer afford to maintain the 4,000-square foot building and offered the city the first chance at purchasing it for about $164,000. The Lions Club also offered to rebate any purchase price over $100,000 to the city and would use interest earned off the sale to fund future Lions Club projects.The City Council could use more office space but city residents recently voted against a bonding proposal to build a new office complex. Mayor DeLore Thurgood said he can live with the existing office facilities, since that's what city residents voted for.

Although the city has enough money to buy the Lions Club Building, with about $50,000 to spare, the council believes the cost of remodeling it according to state code would be too costly. The Lions Club is also located on a side street, considered an inconvenient location for a city office.

The Lions Club will put the building up for public sale.