An Ogden woman said she didn't raise much money but feels victorious after walking from Roy to Salt Lake City to help her sister, a heart transplant recipient.

Lois Weaver, who is 42 and also has a bad heart, started the trek Saturday afternoon from the Ogden-Roy boundary and arrived at the northern boundary of Salt Lake City Wednesday. Her sister Kay Edgar, 44, of Salt Lake City, had the heart transplant at LDS Hospital last Wednesday and was released from the intensive-care unit this week."We walked across the (Salt Lake City) line and did a little dance."

Weaver said that on the advice of her doctor, she walked in the cool morning and evening hours with her daughter, Michelle Vennis. Stephanie Weaver, a niece, drove a camper while her aunt walked the route. Weaver said her doctor didn't feel she should make the walk because of a previous attack.

"I felt I had to do something. I am a low-income woman and single parent. I wanted to do something that would draw attention that wouldn't cost money to do," Weaver said.

Edgar suffers from a genetic disease that causes an overproduction of cholesterol. She has been in critical condition for the past month until she received the transplant, which will cost about $100,000.

During the trek the three women passed out fliers telling of the family's plight. They camped at convenience stores at night.

Weaver said she is now "hobbling" and a little sunburned. She also experience two heart pains during the walk, but they were quickly brought under control with medication. She said that when she got tired she simply stopped the camper, took out some folding chairs and sat down.

"I feel I don't have to be powerless. If a person chooses to be powerless they don't have to do anything. I feel like I have power in the situation with a lot of help from God," she said.

At one point she was ready to give up when a man walked up to her in Farmington and gave her some money. After that, she said she could have walked another few hours.

Weaver plans to drive the route and pick up pledge sheets and donations this week. Currently she has collected about $500 from the walk. Another $3,000 has been raised through yard and bake sales. A fundraising softball game between the Cannon LDS Stake team from the West Jordan area, local radio stations and Jazz basketball star Thurl Bailey was staged Wednesday night.

Donations for Edgar can be sent to Deseret Foundation, Eighth Avenue and C St., Salt Lake City, UT 84116.