Newly consecrated Episcopal Bishop Steven Charleston of Anchorage, a Choctaw Indian and native of Oklahoma, is the second American Indian to become an Episcopal bishop in a 12-month period.

His co-consecrators on March 23 were two other American Indian bishops, Bishop Steven T. Plummer, a Navajo of Farmington, N.M., himself consecrated in March l990, and Bishop William C. Wantland of Eau Claire, Wis., a Seminole.The consecration preacher, the Rev. Owanah Anderson, a Choctaw from Oklahoma and the denomination's officer for Native American Ministries, told the new bishop of a diocese, half of whose communicants are Alaska natives:

"Yours is a challenge to reinforce bridges that span the cultural chasm of a bicultural diocese. Honor this cultural diversity but craft a model for the whole church."