Finalists in the 1991 Governor's Young Entrepreneur Search:

Sam Francis, Judge Memorial High School, owner of Sam's Candy.

Denver K. Robbins, Clearfield High School, owner of E-FEX, special effects for movies.

Scott Keele Morrison, Timpview High School, owner of Kaution Sportswear.

James Evans, Union High School, livestock production.

Heath Hendrickson, Richfield High School, owner of Panorama Game Rental.

Aron David Stein, Logan High School, owner of Iron Curb Skateboard Shop.

James Daniel Nell, Cottonwood High School, owner of Certified Security, full-service locksmith.

Roslyn Romney, East High School, owner of Roslyn's Ribbons, hair ribbon creations.

Brenda Gaye Zemp, Davis High School, owner of Safe Safari, hourly child care.

Melinda Favero, Weber High School, co-owner of Big Splash, splash block manufacturer.

The Deseret News is publishing profiles of some finalists in the 1991 Governor's Young Entrepreneur Search, a contest sponsored by the Department of Community and Economic Development. The winner, who will receive a $10,000 prize, will be named Tuesday, April 30, during the Governor's Conference on Economic Development and Education.