North Sanpete School District's migrant education program will be honored as one of the nation's most successful. The program will be recognized during the Utah Migrant Education Spring Workshop, Friday, May 10, in the Airport Hilton.

A representative of Francis V. Corrigan, director of the Office of Migrant Education, U.S. Department of Education, will present an award to the North Sanpete program during a dinner meeting at 6:30 p.m.The Ogden District migrant program was honored last year, and it is unusual for a state to receive two consecutive awards, said Jerry Ortega, state director of migrant education.

The North Sanpete program served approximately 100 migratory children and 50 formerly migratory children during the summer of 1990. From 1988-89, its overall achievement in grades kindergarten to 12 was 8.69 in reading; 11.93 in spelling; and 7.61 in arithmetic.

The program uses computer-assisted instruction, parental involvement and liaison with regular school programs in classes that are tailored to individual students.

"North Sanpete has an exemplary program in the quality of staff, the level of student performance and the excitement exuded by students, parents and staff members, particularly since 33 percent of its students are transient and have limited oral English language," said Ortega.