A paved jogging track will be built in the city's Meadows Park this summer. That was the decision of the City Council following a public hearing, held to consider park improvements Tuesday night.

About 30 residents attended the hearing where unanimous support was voiced for the jogging track instead of for either an outdoor basketball court or for a bower.The jogging track would circle the perimeter of the park, located at 523 W. 2300 North on the eastern border of the city near Sunset. The asphalt track would be about one-half mile long and at least 6 feet wide.

"Very obviously the jogging track was the most popular," Mayor Steven E. Weller said after the residents had expressed their views. "You'll see it (the track) this year. . . . One of the keys to the jogging track will be to put it down when it's hot," he promised.

Weller said that the track would cost approximately $13,000 and will be similar to a track located at Clearfield's Holt Elementary School. Funds for the project would be set aside during the budget hearings next month and be available by or before July 1. The council stressed that it does not have the funds to do multiple park improvements in the same year.

The cost estimate for a bower was $17,840 and $10,000-$11,000 for a basketball court.

Most residents said that they would like to see the park totally leveled and planted with grass. This is because many park users are fed up with all the mud and rocks, especially on the north end of Meadows Park.

Frank O. Tremea, Clinton resident who lives next to the park, said that the No. 1 priority should be to make it look green and nice, so not to be an embarrassment to Clinton. "If we don't do something to level the bottom, it won't look nice," he said.

He also voiced concerns over noise in the park.

Debbie Nielsen also said that the park should be leveled, if only for the city to avoid potential injuries and lawsuits.

However, city officials believe that the cost of that project would be prohibitive, though it will be considered in the future. Estimates of $200,000 were provided by the city as necessary to excavate the floor of the park a foot down to take out all the rocks, add good topsoil, plant grass and add and upgrade the necessary sprinkling system.

The city promised to do what it can to level the roughest spots in the park this spring.

Gary K. Uresk, city manager, said that grants would be hard to come by to level the park, explaining that maybe an indirect approach of building something that required it to be level first would be the best route to take. He said the city always applies for grants but that they get harder to come by every year and that many require matching funds from the city.

"We would like this to be a family park," Uresk said, noting that the park by the city offices is to be more of a sports park.

David Sanders, another resident, also spoke out in favor of a jogging track and indicated that a volleyball pit in the park would be nice.

Other concerns voiced by residents included additional garbage cans in the park, vandalism and better enforcement to stop prohibited activities in the park.

Because of the park's location, many Sunset and Roy residents are also expected to use the jogging track. Dogs are not expected to be allowed on the track.

Volunteers may also be used in the future to help develop the park.