School lunch prices will be higher in Murray and Salt Lake School districts this year and will hold steady in Granite and Jordan.

For the first time in seven years, Murray increased the school lunch prices by 5 cents. Elementary school lunches will be 80 cents, secondary school lunches 90 cents and lunches for adults $1.The Salt Lake Board of Education approved a 10-cent increase for elementary school lunches, going from 75 cents to 85 cents. Junior and senior high school lunches will remain $1.

Jordan School will keep prices at 70 cents for elementary school lunches and 80 cents for junior and senior high school.

In Granite District, prices will remain 70 cents for elementary students; 75 cents for junior high school and 85 cents for senior high school. Adults pay $1.35.

The district also will initiate an "offer vs. serve" program, offering students a choice among three to five food groups that meet federal nutrition requirements. District officials hope the plan will minimize waste and make preparation time more cost-effective.