Ricks College graduated its largest class Thursday, with graduates getting an admonition from an LDS Church official to make learning a lifetime process.

The two-year private college, operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, awarded 1,846 diplomas - a record and an increase of 154 over last year.Elaine Jack, Relief Society president for the church, urged students to keep learning. "You may soon realize that the most valuable lesson you've learned at Ricks College is how to learn. If you have mastered that skill, your time here will have been very well spent."

President Steven Bennion encouraged the graduates to use their unique abilities to "be all that you can be."

"Remember that life is not easy . . . so one of the keys to success is your grit, your power to persist in the face of adversity," Bennion said.

Quoting John L. Clarke, former Ricks College president who died two months ago, Bennion said, "Ricks College was founded on the firm belief that there are extraordinary possibilities in ordinary people."