When the Sandinistas took power in 1979, streets, neighborhoods and towns were renamed in honor of Augusto Sandino, Carlos Fonseca and other nationalist heroes.

Yet barely a year after the Sandinistas were voted out of office, an impoverished village has taken the name of the man once considered by Managua as public enemy No. 1.Residents of Los Garreadores voted last month to christen their village Ronald Reagan.

"We held a meeting and everyone agreed on the change," said Raul Espinoza, 68, the village patriarch. "This ex-president helped us a lot. Because of him, the nation lives in democracy."

Espinoza said Reagan is admired by the town for his fervent support of the Contra rebels who fought the Sandinista army for nine years. They say the war helped Violeta Chamorro become president when she defeated the Sandinistas in the 1990 elections.

Most of the community is anti-Sandinista because residents saw no improvements during 11 years of revolutionary government, said Arnulfo Espinoza. He said just one person in the village voted for Sandinista leader Daniel Ortega, who lost to Chamorro.