Police in Rupert have arrested a 16-year-old girl who allegedly staged a suicide attempt as part of a runaway scheme.

The girl was taken into custody at the Uptown Motel in Rupert late Wednesday after police got an anonymous tip that she was staying there.She was charged with grand theft for allegedly stealing a gun and a radar detector from her father, Officer Lew Jones said. The girl, whose name was not disclosed, was turned over to her mother, who lives near Acequia.

Minidoka County Sheriff Ray Jarvis said earlier Wednesday that he was treating the case as a runaway even though the girl's sweater, a .357 Magnum revolver and a suicide note were found along the Snake River just below the Minidoka Dam powerhouse Saturday morning.

"She had a little flair for the imagination this time," he said, adding that the girl had "a troubled past."

After receiving Wednesday's anonymous call, Jones said he and another officer went to the motel and found the girl alone in the room.

The girl said the faked suicide "was one way to keep everybody off her back," Jones said.