NBA roundup on B4; tonight's games on B5The NBA likes its playoff games close and hard-fought.

But not as close as the disputed call on a jumper by Byron Scott that he got off just as the shot clock expired, giving the Los Angeles Lakers a three-point lead with 3.5 seconds left against Houston on Thursday night.And not as hard-fought as the punch that Terry Teagle threw in the first half, resulting in his ejection.

After Scott's jumper with 31/2 seconds remaining gave the Lakers a 93-90 edge, Sam Perkins hit a free throw for a 4-point edge. Then Sleepy Floyd hit a jumper for the Rockets as time ran out in the Lakers' 94-92 victory that gave them a 1-0 lead in the best-of-5 series.

Whether Scott got his shot off in time depended of course, on who was asked.

"I got the ball with two seconds left (on the shot clock) and I know I can dribble once and shoot in two seconds," Scott said. "We all knew I got it off in time."

"After reviewing the tape, we got took," Houston coach Chaney said of the controversial basket. "The shot was definitely no good. The call was ridiculous. The ball was still in his hand."

Referee Jack Madden initially waved off the basket but, after conferring with the other officials, ruled it good.

"When the shot was released, my initial reaction was that the shot was not away in time," Madden said. "I immediately ruled no basket. With the reaction of the players and the like, I consulted with my fellow officials, at which time they assured me that the shot was good.

"Therefore, I reversed the call."

The Rockets lost the ball on the ensuing in-bounds play, then fouled Perkins, who made one of two free throws.

Hakeem Olajuwon had 22 points and 16 rebounds, but none of them came very easily.

Teagle was thrown out of the game in the second quarter for punching Houston's Dave Jamerson.