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STORY FETCHED BY HILL ON 24-APR-91,19:03: NEW FILE IS 25UNLV-SPTDSK-TSPUNLV will admit to some allegations leveled by the NCAA in a 29-count complaint charging violations in the Runnin' Rebel basketball program, the university's legal counsel said Wednesday.Brad Booke said the university does not plan to contest certain charges in a reply it has until June 1 to send to the NCAA.

"Clearly there are some allegations in the official inquiry that are accurate," Booke said. "We tried to look at the facts alleged and investigate them as best we could and make an objective determination if the facts were accurate. In some instances I find the facts to be accurate."

Booke, who is handling UNLV's response to the NCAA charges, declined to say which of the allegations will not be contested, or to say how serious he viewed them.

But he said steps have already been taken to make sure the violations don't occur again.

"They're for the most part problems that can be solved with management systems," Booke said. "These systems have been put in place to solve those problems."

A Las Vegas television station, KVBC-TV, quoted sources as saying the violations UNLV will admit to include setting up a system to give players rides to class and arranging a plan for players to pay their rent and utilities for off-campus apartments.

The station said the university will also admit to violations in setting up tutoring programs for recruits Barry Young and Lloyd Daniels.

The NCAA charged UNLV in a December complaint with 29 different violations, many of them stemming from the recruitment of Daniels, a former New York prep star.

Among the allegations are that convicted points shaver Richard "The Fixer" Perry acted as an agent for UNLV and paid Daniels air fare and other costs for a trip to the university in 1986.

Daniels was arrested at a crack house in February 1987 and never played for UNLV.

Booke said he has completed all but one interview as part of UNLV's response to the allegations and is now in the process of preparing the university's formal reply.

Booke said he attempted to interview Perry, but that Perry would not cooperate in the probe. "His attorney advised me that Richard Perry would not talk to us," Booke said.

Booke said he expected UNLV to go before the NCAA's Committee on Infractions in August or September, with a determination by the committee sometime in the fall whether the basketball program will face sanctions stemming from the probe.

He would not speculate on what penalties, if any, the university expects to receive from the NCAA.

UNLV is already banned from live television and from appearing in the postseason tournament next season, the result of a settlement of a 13-year effort by the NCAA to suspend coach Jerry Tarkanian.

The current probe has stirred speculation that Tarkanian might either be forced out of his job or leave for an NBA coaching position.