Boston Herald sportswriter Lisa Olson filed suit against the New England Patriots Thursday morning, charging sexual harassment and violations of her civil rights.

Olson, 27, will leave her job at the newspaper, her attorneys said. She has been most recently covering the Boston Bruins of the NHL.Olson's suit was filed in Suffolk Superior Court against the NFL team; its owner, Victor Kiam; former general manager, Patrick Sullivan; former media services director, James Oldham, and players Zeke Mowatt, Michael Timpson and Robert Perryman.

The suit also alleged intentional infliction of emotional distress and damage to her reputation.

The suit stems from incidents beginning last Sept. 17 when Olson said she was sexually harassed while conducting an interview in the Patriots locker room.

She said Wednesday she intended to let the issue drop after the NFL fined the team and the players in November but decided to sue after Kiam joked about the incident while speaking at a banquet Feb. 4 and because Mowatt and Perryman did not pay the fines.