Children love to bury treasures. And even though they know what the treasures are, they love to dig them up.

But students at Geneva Elementary School will have to kindle that excitement for a while, because it will be a long time before they dig up the treasures they buried Tuesday.Last month, students opened a time capsule that was buried the day the school was dedicated, Sept. 23, 1948. They found books, letters, photographs and newspapers from 1948.

Tuesday, students added items to the capsule that depict today's world and returned it to the ground in a new reinforced box donated by Geneva Steel. The school held a re-dedication ceremony and placed a marker donated by Walker Mortuary on the spot the capsule was buried.

"It was probably the nicest celebration we've ever had at the school," Principal Wayne Crabb said. "The students really thought it was neat to bury things from their time for someone else to discover 40 years from now."

A representative from each class placed an item in the box. The items include Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle memorabilia, Persian Gulf memorabilia, baseball cards, magazine clippings and letters.

"A Bo Jackson card or a Nolan Ryan card could be worth hundreds or thousands of dollars in 40 years. Maybe they'll be worth enough to build a new school," Crabb said.

It wasn't until three years ago at the school's 40th birthday party that school officials became aware of the original capsule. After searching for the capsule for almost three years, officials finally found the capsule earlier this year when they were reminded that the building's front in 1948 was the west side.

"Until then we had looked everywhere and couldn't find it," Crabb said.

To make sure that the new capsule is not forgotten, Crabb appointed three sixth-grade students to look after the marker. It is also their responsibility to dig up the capsule when the school is closed.

"I think they'll take that assignment pretty seriously. And I hope that they'll invite me back when I'm 80 to talk about today's events," Crabb said.