A Springville man accused of hiding items in a secret compartment in his home after he claimed they had been stolen was charged last week in Provo's 4th Circuit Court with filing a fraudulent insurance claim.

The third-degree felony charge was filed April 16 against Edward Keith Peterson, 43.According to sheriff's Detective Scott Carter, Peterson reported his home in Hobble Creek Canyon was burglarized on April 15 while he was out of town. He claimed guns, jewelry, appliances, a television and a stereo were stolen.

Peterson filed a claim with his insurance company and received $4,000, Carter said.

Last month detectives received a report that Peterson had hidden the items in the wall of his home and covered the compartment with wallpaper. Detectives searched his home and discovered the wallpaper had been cut. Behind the wall they found a compartment that contained several of the items reported stolen, Carter said.

If found guilty, Peterson could be sentenced to up to five years in prison and fined $5,000.