The Orem City Beautification Commission has invited members of the business community to participate in a plant-a-tree drive to beautify the city. Members are urged to participate in several ways:

- A $50 donation can go toward purchase of a tree. The business name will be printed on a plaque, along with the name of the tree; the tree will be planted at the arboretum on Center Street or in the other city parks.-Beautify your own business area with trees, one for each employee.

-Take a tree home, one for each child. Include your children in the effort by naming trees in their honor and letting them watch the tree grow.

Businesses that donate $50 will be recognized at the beautification ceremony at the Arboretum on Arbor Day, Friday, April 26, at noon. This is the first of many events to encourage the planting of trees in local neighborhoods.

Call the Provo/Orem Chamber of Commerce, 224-3636, for detail on the types or trees available and which parks they are assigned to.