The "Kitchenaire Band" is a volunteer group that makes a difference in the community, especially among senior citizens. The group is composed of residents from the Friendly Neighborhood Senior Center, 1992 S. 200 East in Salt Lake.

The group provides music for its own center, as well as for many nearby senior centers, malls, schools and churches. The group is directed by Amos Bronson.Here are some other recent nominations from readers concerning Wasatch Front residents who make a difference in their communities by doing volunteer work or other such service:

- Ray McArthur:

McArthur goes the extra mile for everyone in need. He has braved snowstorms to get the stalled cars of neighbors going. He has shoveled snow for neighbors, and once he even went to Park City to retrieve the stalled motorcycle of a friend.

He has helped neighbors fix brakes, flat tires and other car problems. He is a delight to all his neighbors and friends.

- Richard W. Hanson:

Hanson watches out for his neighborhood. He has attended many planning commission meetings, speaking on behalf of his neighbors.

He actively participates in the Sandy cleanup project. He has also helped plant 10 new trees in his community and has been a contributor to many city beautification projects.

He sweeps the street gutters near his own house and is dedicated to a clean and beautiful Sandy.

- Sally Johnson:

Johnson is a parent volunteer at Oquirrh Hills Elementary School. She's spent two years providing the service, helping second-graders and learning disabled students. In addition, she creates special artwork for the school.

- Todd Sylvester:

Sylvester visits elementary schools to encourage kids in developing pride, self-esteem and confidence, so that they will stay drug-free.

- Nicholas P. Mark:

Mark works closely with children at Camp Kostopulos. He also visits the Eastridge (Zion) Care Center daily and helps many of his neighbors. His specialty is helping people feel good by making useful items from things such as used golf and tennis balls.

- Phila V. Heimann:

Heimann, 81, has been a volunteer teacher's aide at Ensign Elementary since 1979. She teaches German to the students and individually tutors many of them. She was a professor at the University of Utah for 32 years.

- Mary Barthman:

Barthman volunteers time daily to help homeless people at the Marillac House, a shelter for women and children.

She befriends residents at the shelter and assists them when they leave by helping them find suitable housing and taking an interest in their lives.

- Roger Hillam:

Hillam was instrumental in obtaining the easement for a new sewer line (considered essential for some nearby homeowners) across a nearby golf course, only the second time in the past 16 years that such easement has been granted. Hillam is an employee of the Salt Lake Property Department.

- Wanda Young:

Young is spending a lot of time as a volunteer doing income taxes for senior citizens at the post office and senior housing developments. She also spends some of her free time at the Veterans Hospital visiting patients and helping out.

- Jim Martin:

Martin is a mail carrier who has shown genuine concern for the people on his route. He is described as being accurate and very conscientious.

He's more than a mailman since he stops to talk briefly with those he serves. He recently delivered a gift to a family who has a new baby. He also attended the funeral of a neighbor.

One time Martin assisted a neighbor on his route in changing a flat tire.

He watches out for the families on his route and is aware of anything that seems amiss.

He goes beyond his job description and is a plus to the community.

- Arlean Olson:

Olson, an 85-year-old Salt Lake woman, makes quilts for the homeless and for Primary Children's Medical Center. She also volunteers her time to read to residents of rest homes and is active in the Daughters of the Pioneers organization.

- Reta Evans Day:

Day is a West Valley woman of many talents who serves in many different capacities as a community volunteer. She visits a local nursing home weekly, is active in community affairs and is helping research a history on her area. She also assists in a water aerobics program for widows in her neighborhood. She's also active in PTA and church service.

- Cecil Wood:

Wood is described as a good neighbor who visits the sick and welcomes newcomers to his neighborhood. He's a gentleman who's always willing to lend a hand to those in need.

- Spencer Squires:

Squires, also known as "Grandpa Squires," has donated time at Edge-mont Elementary School as a teacher's aide for the past seven years. He assists second-graders one on one who need assistance in math or reading. He is also an expert on fossils and shares this knowledge with students. He demonstrates a genuine concern for the students and his assistance has proved invaluable.

He has also donated money to Edge-mont Elementary and to the homeless shelter, where he also donates time regularly.

- Allen R. Howell:

Howell is a retired Brigham Young University official who has devoted himself to the rehabilitation of the handicapped. He has helped form a board of professionals and volunteers - Exceptional Success Associates - to promote vocational rehabilitation for people who are economically sidelined by handicaps caused accidents and illness.

He is also the author of a book, "Call me Dad," about his son, Randy, who was born with severe physical handicaps but who attended college and excelled in chess and other areas. All proceeds from sales of the book will go toward the services and programs offered by Exceptional Success Associates.

- Patrice Baumgardner:

Baumgardner voluntarily visits area animal shelters and compiles a list of potential adoptions. Her efforts in 1990 resulted in saving more than 3,000 cats and dogs.

- H. Dean Oveson:

Oveson, a Taylorsville resident helped prune more than 100 trees for area widows last year. She has also helped fertilize their lawns as a free service and he's also a Boy Scout leader.

- Ruth Nichols:

Nichols has spent the past five years visiting and assisting the elderly in her neighborhood on a regular basis.

- Sandy Historic Museum volunteers:

The Sandy Museum, 8744 S. 150 East, is staffed by many volunteers who help keep it open, with free admission for the public. The museum was set up three years ago and is open every Tuesday and Saturday from 2-5 p.m.

- Sam Plowgian:

Plowgian regularly assists a 45-year-old neighbor confined to a wheelchair. He drives him everywhere, reads to him, helps dress him and transports him to church functions. Despite the recent passing of his wife, Plowgian continues to provide this compassionate service.