West One Bancorp had such a good year in 1990 that officers are optimistic 1991 will merely be an extension.

During West One's annual economic forecast and financial reporting meeting in Little America, officers said they are operating in an area (Utah, Idaho, Oregon and Washington) where growth is occurring and that's the reason for their optimism.Daniel R. Nelson, chairman and chief executive officer, considers the bank at a crossroads where common sense and discipline are at the forefront of its operation. He said West One's responsibility is to improve on its already outstanding customer service.

Nelson said West One's customers had a good year in 1990 and that translates into a good year for the bank, which, according to the annual report, resulted in a net income of $42.5 million, a 25 percent increase over the $34 million net income in 1989.

The board of directors declared a cash dividend of $11.1 million, a 5.4 percent increase over the $10.5 million in 1989. Net income per share was $3.34 in 1990, a 24.2 percent increase over the $2.69 per share in 1989, the annual report showed.

Nelson said West One made progress in reducing problem assets, continued to make improvements in customer service, continued to purchase equipment and continued to purchase good banks and absorb them into the bank system.

He said the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp.'s Bank Insurance Fund must not fail, and to keep it afloat banks are paying increased insurance premiums. West One will pay $2.3 million this year into the fund.

The insurable limit offered by FDIC should be limited to $200,000 per household, Nelson said, and brokers should not be allowed to break up their deposits into $100,000 increments just to get the insurance.