Gary H. Weaver, 60, a former Sandy resident, has entered guilty pleas to two counts of forgery for inflating patients' bills at his former West Valley dental office.

Weaver, a brother-in-law of Gov. Norm Bangerter, entered his pleas to the second-degree felony charges Wednesday before 2nd District Judge David Roth. A sentencing hearing was scheduled for May 29. Weaver, who is married to the governor's older sister, Giani, could be sentenced to serve up to 30 years in prison.According to Deputy Weber County Attorney Bill Daines, Weaver turned his billing over to a collection agency last fall and inflated patients' bills in an attempt to bring in more money.

Weaver had been charged with three counts of forgery for submitting false claims to Bencharge on Oct. 5, but in exchange for his guilty pleas, one count was dismissed. Daines also said that in exchange for the pleas, the state wouldn't file three more second-degree felony forgery charges against the defendant.

Defense Attorney Bernard Allen told Roth that the state plans to take away Weaver's license to practice dentistry, and his client plans to move to Illinois to find work.

Allen said that his client committed the fraud because Weaver had a cash-flow problem.

Daines said the collection agency would pay the dentist for the amount listed on the vouchers, and then the company would seek reimbursement from the patients.

Weaver also told Roth that he billed patients for work he had done, not knowing they had already paid.