McDonnell Douglas has awarded a $14.6 million contract to Metalcraft Technology Inc.of Cedar City, expanding MTI's supply responsibilities out of state.

Under the three-year new contract, MTI - which has been supplying parts for McDonnell Douglas' Salt Lake operations - will quadruple parts production to supply McDonnell Douglas plants throughout the nation."I`m absolutely sure MTI will demonstrate to the parent company in Long Beach (Calif.) that they are good suppliers," said Al Egbert, general manager of McDonnell Douglas-Salt Lake.

"We've never had a bad part come from here and, come to think of it, I don't believe we've ever had a late part. That's a credit to the workers here," he said at a Monday reception.

Gale Waite, MTI's aerospace program director, said it would have been impossible to land the new contract without the company's high quality of work.

McDonnell Douglas officials agreed, having earlier given MTI their supplier excellence award.

Waite said MTI workers will now have the challenge to produce each week what has normally taken a month.