Having an insurance policy is one thing, getting a claim paid is another. Fritz Daviscourt wants to help.

Daviscourt, president of Daviscourt Group, insurance claims consultants based in El Cajon, Calif., has joined with Robert E. Roberts, president of Crocker Associates, a Salt Lake-based career consulting firm, to form a new Utah company called Insurance Information Resources Inc., or IIRI.The purpose of IIRI, said Daviscourt, is to help those currently embroiled in a claim to understand how insurance companies and the claims process operate.

With that understanding, he says, claimants will be able to work with the system, not against it, and get their claim settled.

To that end, IIRI will hold the first of a series of claims seminars April 30 and May 1 and 2 at the Marriott Hotel. Cost is $195 for a three-hour evening session.

Sounds pricey, but Daviscourt says few will go away unhappy. "People who come to the public seminars are those who presently have an insurance claim that is, on average, three months old. It will be bogged down someplace in the system and they will be frustrated."

In the seminar, Daviscourt said he will go through a step-by-step process that will give them the information they need to get the claim resolved.

For the record, here's what Daviscourt says IIRI is not: "We are not attorneys; we are not public claims adjusters; we are not looking for any business from the attendees. When they leave the seminar, that's it. It's a one-time presentation."

The first thought most people have about Daviscourt is that he must be some kind of insurance industry gadfly, a Ralph Nader for policyholders who sees insurance companies as the enemy and the insured as their victims. He's not.

"I work for insurance companies, not against them," said Daviscourt, who has 28 years experience as a claims adjuster. "I am an independent insurance adjuster who is hired by insurance companies to adjust their claims and I get paid on an hourly basis, not by the claim and not by how much I save the insurance company. We are in the business of paying claims."

Much of his time is spent working with lawyers, and IIRI will do workshops for groups of attorneys and individual law firms, Daviscourt said. But the public seminars are intended to give the public the same information he supplies to the judicial system on how to get claims paid.

"Our function is to educate people. If they had all of the information they need at the beginning, their claim would go from the bottom of the pile to the top. People have a hard time getting their claims settled, and I have found it's because of a lack of communication between the insured and the industry. We will bridge that gap."