Although history may indicate that the size of the Iraqi forces was exaggerated by the United States, Gen. Norman Schwarzkopf was not taking any chances. If the war came, it would be a winter war. The shamal, the sandstorms out of the northwest, and the season of rains might cause difficulties, but they would be less serious than a protracted conflict in the searing, energy-sapping, equipment-savaging summer heat.

Schwarzkopf had even decided on how he would change the name of the operation to reflect its purpose. When the moment arrived, Desert Shield would become Desert Storm.From the first days, Schwarzkopf and his officers had watched as the Iraqis moved their tanks into Kuwait and proceeded to spread them around the desert, digging them into revetments that in some cases left only the turrets showing. In this way they became pillboxes - fixed-gun positions rather than tanks. Armored personnel carriers and artillery pieces also went into revetments.