Even strangers applauded and shared a feeling of relief and joy as Dennis Selvage arrived safely from his Delta flight to the Salt Lake International Airport Thursday night.

Limping slightly, Selvage embraced his wife and two children saying he was "glad it was over."Selvage, 42, is one of the five Utahns and 93 passengers who survived the fiery crash of the Delta Flight 1141 crash Wednesday.

Originally reluctant to return to Utah on a plane, Selvage and his wife Nonie decided it was "a lot safer to fly" than to drive from Texas to Salt Lake City in Labor Day traffic.

To help him overcome his fear of getting on a plane again, Delta Airlines flew Selvage's brother from Tennessee to Dallas to accompany him. His brother will return to Tennessee after staying in West Valley City - compliments of Delta Airlines.

Surrounded by reporters on his jubilant arrival home, Selvage said he was extremely nervous about flying again. Selvage said he thought he was going to die when the Boeing 727 fell to the earth and shattered.

Selvage escaped the plane with minor contusions and abrasions.

Other Utahns who shared a feeling of gratitude for their safety include Delta Pilot James Fuchs, 50, Farmington, who remains in a Fort Worth hospital with a broken back.

Brad McClarey, 34, Sandy is staying in a Dallas hospital with first-degree burns on his arms and face and is listed in good condition. He is a manager for United Parcel Service in West Valley City.

Damon Berry, 37, Sandy, returned to Utah several hours after the crash Wednesday. He is also a Delta pilot.

Russell Guttu flew home Thursday. He escaped injury.