The only child to survive the blaze that killed 11 members of the radical group MOVE will receive $840,000 plus lifetime payments that could total $9 million in a settlement reached with the city.

That brings to more than $25 million the amount the city has paid in compensation for the May 13, 1985, incident and ends nearly six years of legal wrangling between the survivor's family and the city.Michael Moses Ward, 19, and his father, Andino Ward, 36, will receive $840,000 initially under the settlement reached Friday.

Later, they each will receive monthly payments starting at $1,000 and increasing steadily for the rest of their lives.

Michael Ward was 13 and known as Birdie Africa when police dropped a bomb on the fortified house occupied by the radical group MOVE. The ensuing fire destroyed 61 houses. Six adults, including Michael Ward's mother, Rhonda Africa, and five children were killed.