A new ordinance tells residents what days they can water their lawns - unless a kid is running through the sprinkler.

Then, any day's fine.Effective Tuesday, the law requires residents to rotate lawn watering according to their house numbers on even and odd days. But it exempts use of sprinklers by children for recreation.

It was passed to avoid water-pressure problems in the growing Oakland County community waiting for a larger pipeline from the Detroit water system, which has been delayed.

Councilwoman Nancy Cassis voted for the exemption for children and said the system satisfies developers but inconveniences residents.

"If I want my lawn watered, I'll have my daughter just go out and put on her bathing suit," resident Janet Salpietra said.

Violators face a $5 fine for the first offense and $10 for subsequent illegal waterings. An early proposal called for $100 fines and five days in jail.