Ricks College will graduate its largest class ever Thursday with 1,846 diplomas scheduled to be awarded, up 154 from last year.

The graduating class includes nearly 1,200 women and more than 600 men. Of the graduates, 766 are from Idaho and 228 are from Utah. California and Washington showed the biggest increase in student population with 137 from California, 22 more than last year, and 125 from Washington, up 35 from 1990.Officials at the junior college, owned and operated by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, said more than 500 members of the graduating class are returned missionaries for the church. Nearly 400 are married and 90 are foreign students.

Meanwhile, Ricks President Steven Bennion said the school had slightly amended its "Code of Honor." The dress and grooming standards portion of the code was changed to allow students to wear shorts in selected areas and at some events.

"Modest shorts are appropriate at designated outdoor sporting recreational events (such as football games) and in living areas but are not acceptable regular campus attire," according to the amended standard.