West Jordan Elementary's PTA and its president, Tami Crown, have been honored by the state PTA for their Paws Applause Program, a Sensational Citizen Citation, a 1 million-page reading project and Red Ribbon antidrug week.

The state organization also honored Highland High School's PTSA, headed by Carol Middleton, for a strong scholarship program. The Highland Arts Council emphasizes arts education, and the school has worked to improve student self-esteem. A brown bag lecture on critical issues also was exceptional, the state PTA said in citing the Salt Lake District school.The state's third selection of outstanding units was Hillcrest Junior High School, headed by Mary Ann Kirk. The junior high school will compete in the National PTA "Advocates for Children" contest. The school "fostered a sense of belonging, uniqueness and power in its students," with a Hello Day, Spirit Week, Hillcrest Pride program, study skills workshops, Red Ribbon Week, emergency preparedness week and a "Back to the Future" project.