Evander Holyfield and Mike Tyson may not be ready to rumble, but their promoters are.

Tyson's promoter, Don King, launched a war of words Tuesday against Holyfield and his three closest associates - promoter Dan Duva, co-trainer Lou Duva and manager Shelly Finkel.During an informal luncheon with reporters, King repeatedly called Finkel and the Duvas "liars and deceivers," accused Holyfield of ducking Tyson and challenged the heavyweight champion to a winner-take-all bout against Tyson in September or October.

"We'll fight him anytime, anywhere, anyplace," King said. "The winner goes home with everything, the loser goes home with nothing."

King said "the public wants this fight, I want this fight and Mike Tyson wants this fight, but Holyfield and his people are trying to avoid it. It's a travesty. Boxing fans are tired of being treated like Bozo the Clown."

Informed of King's comments, Dan Duva launched a counterattack.

Duva said last Friday's Holyfield-George Foreman fight "breathed fresh air into the sport. Now Don King has gone back to polluting the environment."

Duva dismissed King's winner-take-all challenge, as well as an alternate offer - a 50-50 split between the champion and No. 1 challenger.

"They're both ridiculous," Duva said. "Fighters work too hard for one guy to come away with nothing."