State transportation officials have asked motorists to obey flaggers and signs in Sardine Canyon - where highway workers narrowly missed getting hit by cars speeding through the construction area.

"Delays caused by construction on U-165 . . . have caused some motorists to become extremely impatient, being verbally abusive to flaggers," the Utah Department of Transportation said in a written release pleading for cooperation.Flaggers direct traffic through a construction zone to prevent accidents and dodge obstacles in the area, UDOT said.

"In one instance, a motorist totally ignored a flagger's instructions and ran through the stop sign. In another instance, a motorist actually hit a hand-held sign, knocking the flagger to the ground."

UDOT said both drivers were cited. Construction workers are taking the license plate numbers of violators and reporting them to the county sheriff.

The $3.1 million construction proj-ect between Nibley and Logan involves widening the heavily used highway to four lanes and building a new bridge over Blacksmith Fork River.

Two-way traffic has been maintained during construction, but lanes are narrow, causing traffic to move slower. Large equipment moving through the area has also caused delays.

"UDOT is aware of the frustration this causes motorists and tries to minimize the inconvenience as much as possible," the release said, "but the fact is that when work is done on highways, it impacts the motorists."