An environmental protection activist from Bountiful, Celestia Brunsdale, has been recognized as one of the best recycling advocates in the region.

Brunsdale was one of the nominees whose names were submitted by the regional office of the Environmental Protection Agency for national recognition, the EPA's award for municipal solid-waste management through recycling.Brunsdale, whose husband, Kenley, ran unsuccessfully for Congress last year, has been championing the recycling ethic for years. According to Lewis S.W. Crampton, associate administrator of the EPA, each regional office of the EPA sent in "its finest examples of recycling programs and projects." The national winners were chosen last week.

According to Brunsdale, Bountiful was to help celebrate this year's Earth Day by planting a dozen maple trees along Main Street with money generated from the recycling program.

"The citizens of Bountiful recycled 624.3 tons of materials in the first year of their recycling program," she said. "This represented 4 percent of the total residential solid-waste stream."

Bountiful has 15 drop-off sites throughout the city, where glass, plastic, aluminum, newspapers, corrugated cardboard and metal items are picked up for recycling.

"We live in Bountiful, but we recognize the Earth's resources are becoming less bountiful," she said.