To the editor:

Rep. Evan Olsen appears sensitive to charges that the abortion bill represents "sloppy" legislation. He refutes this charge by claiming no other issue received as "much attention or public input."Yet before the session ended, the newly passed law had to be amended - minor oversights, we were told. Now a special session is held to correct another problem with the law, an oversight that would allow women to be charged with murder. Other problems exist with the law, the incest definition for one, but that oversight also was corrected.

For a bill that received so much attention you would think they could have gotten it right the first time.

The reality is that sponsors of the bill were more intent on espousing their personal moral philosophy than in crafting a good, defensible law. Olsen, co-chairman of the abortion task force, stated in his letter he believes abortion is "killing of live, unborn children."

He leaves the clear impression that he has little respect for, or understanding of, people who share a different belief. Sadly, this attitude was shared by a majority of task force members, resulting in a law that codified their personal beliefs.

Now, scarce state resources must be risked to defend this obviously flawed piece of legislation. Every taxpayer should question the wisdom of this action.

Those of us who believe in the integrity of women will never accept the finality of this decision. We will continue to educate, mobilize, litigate and whatever else is necessary to protect the lives and health of women.

This issue will not be resolved until our laws recognize that childbearing decisions should be made by individuals, not legislators.

Mary Carlson

Director of Community Service

Planned Parenthood Association of Utah