Blaine County Commission Chairman Alan Reynolds says actor Bruce Willis and actress Demi Moore should pay to replace a wooden bridge that was torn down last fall by crews building the couple's home.

As it stands now, officials said Monday that a public access bridge leading to the Big Wood River would be rebuilt this spring with donated help and materials, but not with Blaine County taxpayers' funds.Reynolds said the county will make sure the bridge in the Flying Heart Subdivision just north of Hailey is replaced but suggested that Willis and Moore pay the bill.

"I think this would be a good opportunity for him (Willis) to present himself as a good member of the community," Reynolds said.

The access pathway and bridge lie adjacent to the couple's property.

The subdivision's homeowners' association said the support timbers in the bridge had rotted away because the wood had not been treated. The wood would not support horse traffic and created a safety hazard, they said.

Denying responsibility for replacement of the bridge, which was originally built by the homeowners' association, the group asked the county to replace the structure.

When the subdivision was authorized, county officials did not include any provision for assigning responsibility to maintain the two access trails to the river and any improvements, including the bridge. So Reynolds said the county is making no long-term commitment to maintain the bridge.