Class acts: Black history observance Holt Elementary School, Clearfield


Class: Monica Newsome's third grade.

Subject: History.

Date: The project ran from January through March 14.

Number of students: 26.

Each student chose a black person who had in some way contributed to American history. A silhouette of each person was painted on a square piece of white cloth that was pieced together with other squares containing silhouettes and biographical information. The pieces were quilted and presented to the school as a per-manent wall hanging March 14.


Location: 448 N. 1000 West, Clearfield.

Students: 765.

Principal: Julie Goble.

School district: Davis.


What the teacher hopes the students learned: Newsome said her objective was to teach her students there were many people who contributed to our society who were not recognized. She hopes that the quilting experience will leave a lasting impression on the students. What happens next: They will continue their studies to find ad-ditional people who have contributed to our society but are not well-known.

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