Hoping to temporarily ease overcrowding at Reading Elementary in north Centerville, the Davis School Board has given its preliminary approval to a new boundary that would send about 80 students to Stewart Elementary.

The boundary between the schools would be shifted from approximately 1500 North to Rick's Creek, which runs from about 1550 N. Main to about 1700 N. I-15. Children living south of Rick's Creek would attend Stewart Elementary, starting this fall.The board is expected to give its final approval to the boundary on May 7.

Over the past two years, Reading has surpassed all enrollment projections, thanks to a higher-than-expected rate of residential growth. The school - with a capacity, including portable classrooms, of 689 students - currently has 767 students.

Without a shift in the boundary, the school would have 772 this fall, said Russ Olson, a district area administrator.

Seventy-eight of those students, however, would go to Stewart under the boundary shift proposal.

Stewart should be able to handle the extra students easily. The school's capacity, extended with portable classrooms, is 826. Its current enrollment of 728 is expected to rise to 778 by next school year but decrease to around 700 by 1993-94, Olson said.

Officials mailed a survey to 36 families to be affected by the boundary change. Of the 16 surveys returned, none was opposed to the proposal.

Many parents, however, are concerned about safety because segments of Main and 400 West do not have sidewalks.

"It's real convenient for us to get to Reading, said Terry Murray, Reading PTA president who lives in the affected area. "Now, there are no sidewalks . . . going to Stewart."

Even with the boundary adjustment and the portable classrooms, Reading will likely have to adopt a year-round class schedule by the 1992-93 school year, Olson said.