The majority of residents responding to a city survey favor construction of a pool that could be used year-round.

The city enclosed a questionnaire about options for construction of a city pool and recreation center in last month's water bills. Of approximately 4,000 questionnaires sent out, 835, or 21 percent, were returned.Residents were asked to indicate whether they favor construction of an outdoor pool that would be used in summer months, an indoor-outdoor pool for year-round use or no pool at all. Each of the pool options includes an adjoining building housing handball and racquetball courts, bordered by a walking-jogging track.

Seventy-one percent of the residents who returned the questionnaire favor building a new pool in the city. Of those in favor of building a pool, 58 percent (485 respondents) want a covered pool that would be used year-round.

The year-round pool would be covered by an inflatable bubble during the fall, winter and spring.

About 25 percent, or 212 respondents to the survey, oppose building a new pool.

During its meeting Tuesday, the City Council will consider scheduling a bond election and public hearings on the pool proposal. The council will also consider hiring an architect to draft construction plans for the pool.

The city estimates the indoor-outdoor pool would cost $2.13 million to build and $186,000 per year to operate and maintain. The pool would generate an estimated $167,300 annually in revenue, leaving a gap of $19,000 to be covered by city funds.

The council is considering funding the project through 15-year general obligation bonds that would be paid back at the rate of $360,000 each year. Taxes on a $50,000 home would be increased by $24 to pay back the bonds.

The pool would be built on the site of the old junior high school, approximately 490 N. Center. The city owns that property.