General Mills has a new cereal, Basic 4, that proclaims "a delicious blend of grains, fruits and nuts - with milk provides the goodness of 4 food groups." The 14.5-ounce box is sold for $3.19.

Kay Hadley: "What a tasty cereal! Everyone in our family found Basic 4 to be a hearty and flavorful cereal."We liked the abundance and variety of nuts and fruits and the claimed nutritional content. The price is hefty, but this appears to be a quality breakfast cereal."

Don Russell: "This new cereal is a pleasant blend of fruits, grains and nuts. It even contains such things as cranberries and

dried prune juice. This cereal appears to be marketed at the adult audience. Although it appears to be overpriced like many cold cereals, I have no reservation in recommending it."

Doris Wilding: "This cereal ranks right up there with raisin bran! We loved it. Even my little ones liked it. The blend of fruits and grains was really good, and I feel like it's better for my kids than the frosted stuff they like, so I've already bought it again."

Judy Slack: "This cereal is so yummy! The cranberries give it a flavor that distinguishes it from the other healthy cereals of its kind. I doubt that most children would like it. (Mine don't and I'm real glad because then I can eat it all myself!)"

Edyth Jensen: "We enjoyed this cereal. The fruit is chewy and plentiful. There are plenty of nuts, and the cereal seems to stay crisp most of the time. It is expensive, as are most cold cereals today."

Linda C. Tingey: "This is good. I'm going to buy it again. All my kids liked this. Other `healthful' cereals are like eating horse oats, but not this. The blend is delicious and very filling. It was yummy."

Conclusion: They say it's good for you - all we know is it tastes reeeeeal good. The raves from our testers for the blend of grains, fruits and nuts suggest this cereal is worth paying extra for.

The Deseret News testing panel independently tests products purchased by the Deseret News. Readers with suggestions for products to be tested should contact the Today Section, Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.