The White House is promising documents to show that chief of staff John H. Sununu didn't cheat taxpayers in his frequent use of military planes for personal trips, but Democrats remain skeptical.

"My hope is that the White House will follow through, open records on this right away and show there's been total reimbursement," Rep. Bob Wise, D-W.Va., said Monday. "That handles one question. The other is whether Air Sununu should be flying on the scale that it does."Wise is chairman of the government information, justice and agriculture subcommittee of the House Government Operations Committee.

The panel has called for a full accounting of Sununu's air travel during 27 months as President Bush's chief of staff.

Presidential spokesman Marlin Fitzwater said the White House would soon release "long lists and numbers" to back up Sununu's claim that he reimbursed the government at commercial rates for skiing vacations and other personal trips for which he used Air Force executive jets.