With a 3-2 vote, the Delta City Council has approved closure of a portion of 100 East for construction of a new elementary school.

The action followed a public hearing at which some residents argued against the street closure and questioned whether the proper location had been selected for the school. They voiced concerns about traffic congestion and safety of the children.A revised plan was presented at the hearing by Millard School District Superintendent Kenneth Topham. The original plan called for the closure of part of 100 North as well as a section along 100 East, but the new plan won't require closing 100 North.

Plans now call for an "L-shaped" 52,500-square-foot building - up from the previously planned 48,000 square feet. It will accommodate more than 600 students - current enrollment is about 460 - and cost about $2.5 million.

Initial plans were changed because of problems such as storm drains and underground utility lines. Topham said it was decided that it will cost less to construct a new building than to upgrade the existing North Elementary School, which will be torn down.

A second elementary school is located in the south sector of the city.

The school district will use part of $14 million it has available from a bonding program approved last year by county residents for extensive school construction.

In related school-district news, sealed bids will be accepted through May 15 for remodeling and the construction of an addition to the Delta High School.

It was also announced that Principal Bart Simmons won't be returning to Delta High School this fall. He has held the position for seven years. He will take over as school district superintendent in Grace, Idaho - the district where he graduated from high school in 1958. He also has property and business interests in that area.