KUTV's excellent and informative "Baby Your Baby" series continues tonight with answers to some of parenting's most difficult questions - what to do with the baby after you get him or her home.

Michelle King hosts the half hour program (7:30 p.m.), titled "Discovering Your World." And among the topics are:- Immunizations - When to get them, which ones to get and what they're designed to prevent.

- Car seats - How and why every baby should be in a proper car seat. (Let's hope a few of those careless parents out on the road get the message here.)

- General nervousness - It's nice to see that even a first-time mother who's also a maternity nurse is nervous about tending the new baby. (And it's great to see the over-anxious mother/nurse scolding her husband for being "too rough" while dressing the baby when it's obvious Daddy is doing just fine.)

Of course, first-time parents aren't the only ones who feel a bit anxious. One couple, a 57-year-old man and his 41-year-old wife, admit it isn't easy even with baby No. 4.

Everyday problems are also addressed: Everything from breast feeding to bathing the baby to when to expect him or her to start sleeping through the night.

As always, this "Baby Your Baby" is well-done and informative. And it's nice for new parents to know there are others out there experiencing just the same problems and concerns. TWIN COUCH POTATOES: When the folks at KUTV went looking for infants for their latest "Baby Your Baby" special, they missed their big chance by neglecting to call their local television editor.

Of course, if they had called, they would have had to re-title the show "Baby Your Babies."

Yes, it's true. Mr. and Mrs. Spud added two more little tater tots - a boy and a girl - on Easter Sunday, March 31.

The little ones haven't expressed much interest in the tube yet, but give them time. It's in the genes.NAME THOSE BABIES: Your local television critic briefly considered a "name those twins" contest in the Deseret News. But when feature editor Carma Wadley said Mr. Spud would have to actually use the winning entries, he backed out.

That didn't stop people from suggesting various TV-inspired combinations, including:

- Lucy and Ricky

- Fred and Ethel

- Mork and Mindy

- Joannie and Chachi

- George and Gracie

- Max and 99.

- Sonny and Cher

- Donny and Marie

- Jean-Luc and Beverly

- Maddie and David

- Rob and Laura

- Ralph and Alice

- J.R. and Sue Ellen

- Gary and Valene

- Luke and Laura

- Sam and Diane

- Homer and Marge

- Bart and Lisa

- Cliff and Clair

- Jason and Maggie

- Tony and Angela

- Al and Peg

- Hugh and Barbara

- Dick and Shelley

- Phil and Kimberly

- Terry and Michelle

- Bryant and Jane . . . or Deborah . . . or Katie.

But, resisting those television promptings, Mom and Dad decided on Jonathon Scott and Hillary Lynne.

Although big sister Amanda (31/2) is still lobbying for Rudolph and Ann Marie.