Age: 34

Born: Ogden

Family: Wife, Dawn; five children, Dustin, 13; Jed, 10; Blake, 7; twin daughters Ashley and Whitney, 1.

Education: Ogden High School graduate, attended Weber State University.

Occupation: U.S. Postal Service.


Size: 6 square miles

Population: 8,500

Budget: $2 million

Number of employees: 21

Mayor's salary: $175 month


Politics: Generally Republican First "real" job: Grocery bagger at Coops Independent Market.

Management style: Surround yourself with good, qualified people who are dedicated to their cause. Listen, observe, make a sound decision and then support them. Give credit where credit is due.

Why I like being mayor: I enjoy being involved in the community and being able to influence change in a positive way. I have the opportunity to meet many different people and work with them in making our community a better place to live.

Why I hate being mayor: I never hated being mayor, but there are times of disappointment. Sometimes you work really hard to improve a situation, only to end up frustrated because it doesn't happen like you want or as fast as you would like. Recipe for success: Never ask anyone to do something that you are not willing to do yourself. Never approach a situation half-heartedly. Anything worth doing is worth doing right. Roll up your sleeves and jump in with both feet. Approach each situation head on. A memorable failure: While I'm sure there are some, I forget the failures and concentrate on the positive.

Heroes: My father and my grandfather, Dewey.

Leisure: Boating, waterskiing and woodworking.

Favorite movie: "Dances With Wolves."