It didn't take long for Evans & Sutherland, the Salt Lake-based computer simulation company, to make a sale after it introduced its new low-cost ESIG-2000 image generator at the International Training Equipment Conference in Maastrict, the Netherlands.

The new image generator was introduced earlier this week, and E&S officials said they sold an ESIG-2000 to Krupp Atlas Elektronik, Bremen, Germany, that will be the image generation platform of the KAE DISI 4 visual system used in precision gunnery training and other tank and ground vehicle simulation applications.A KAE spokesman said, "The integration of ESIG-2000 technology into our DISI 4 visual system, combined with our partnership with E&S and our special experience in ground vehicle simulation provide the ideal solution for our demanding applications."

Larry Rodd, director of low cost programs for E&S, said he was pleased with the opportunity to pursue applications for which this system was intended with a strong partner such as KAE.

The ESIG-2000 joins models 3000 and 4000 image generators. The 2000 is designed specifically for low-cost applications including networked tactical simulation, low-cost flight simulation, part task training and maritime ship handling simulation.