Four high schools - Waterford School, Delta High School, West High School and Timpview High School - received top team honors in the 1991 state mathematics contest at Weber State University.

Nine students also won individual awards in the competition sponsored by the Utah Council of Teachers of Mathematics.Junior high school winners were: Hsin Chau, Mount Jordan Middle School, first; Eric Pabst, Eastmont Middle School, second; and Brandon Wood, Canyon View Junior High School, third.

High school winners were: Michael Durham, Timpview High School, and David Landon, West High School, first (tie); Nephi Allred, Timpview High School, second; and Scott Sheffield, American Fork High School.

Wood, an eighth-grader; Chau, a ninth-grader; Landon, an 11th-grader; and Durham, a 12th-grader, ranked first in their respective grades in the individual awards.

Brian Hansen, Canyon View Junior High, took the top seventh-grade honors, while Michael Shirts placed first in the 10th-grade contest.