Gen. H. Norman Schwarzkopf is home, but that doesn't mean his job is finished.

As head of the U.S. Central Command based at MacDill Air Force Base, Schwarzkopf will continue to direct the 250,000 troops remaining in the Persian Gulf."They're going to be there for a while," Schwarzkopf told a cheering crowd of about 500 people who greeted him Sunday. "We're getting them home as fast as we can. But I ask all of you please just to keep giving the great support you've given until the last American is home."

Schwarzkopf, who spent eight months away from his family as commander of allied troops in the gulf, took his wife, Brenda, and their three children in a big bear hug as soon as he stepped back onto American soil.

"I can't describe to you the emotions in all of our hearts," Schwarzkopf said. "It's great to be an American."

Awaiting his arrival were local dignitaries, base personnel, families of Operation Desert Storm troops and Kuwaiti Ambassador Saud Nasir al-Sabah.

"Mr. Ambassador, I am proud to report to you Kuwait is free," said the 56-year-old four-star general.

Schwarzkopf, who plans to retire this summer, has been flooded with offers ranging from book contracts to a university presidency. More immediately, Schwarzkopf is to lead the May 2 Kentucky Derby parade, headline a celebration for Desert Storm veterans May 5 at Tampa Stadium and welcome Queen Elizabeth II during her May 20 trip to Tampa.