Consider the plight of Edward Kennedy.

His wife's name is Joan, his mother is Rose and he's getting calls from all over the country. But there's a hitch. This Kennedy is black, has never been a senator and "just wants these nuts to leave me alone."Kennedy, 38, has been a staff photographer at the Palm Beach Post for 21/2 years, and lives nowhere near the imposing Kennedy estate.

It was on the property of the famous Kennedys that a 29-year-old woman said she was raped three weeks ago by William Kennedy Smith, a nephew of Sen. Edward Kennedy. No charges have been filed and Smith, 30, denies the woman's allegation.

Kennedy the photographer, whose wife screens his calls, said their home is modest. "We just have a two-bedroom apartment in West Palm (Beach) and it overlooks a little lagoon, not the Atlantic Ocean."

But that hasn't stopped people far away as North Dakota from offering advice or criticism for "Senator Kennedy," the Massachusetts Democrat.

"The first call came right after the incident and it was from a woman saying that she (the alleged victim) had no business on our property," Kennedy said Sunday. "I tried to tell her I was the wrong Kennedy, but she wouldn't listen."

But most intriguing was the phone call Edward Kennedy the photographer received from a "real sweet, young-sounding woman" from North Dakota.

"She asked if Ted was there," said Kennedy. "When I just said no, she said, `Oh, he must have gone back to Washington. Just tell him Donna called.' "