North Korea on Monday bitterly denounced an accord reached two days earlier between South Korea and the Soviet Union.

In a lengthy statement monitored in Tokyo, communist North Korea's state-run Central News Agency condemned the talks between its capitalist archrival and its erstwhile patron as "criminal dealing" and "dirty, mendicant diplomacy."Soviet President Mikhail Gorbachev, having failed to win major aid from Japan, met with South Korean President Roh Tae-Woo Saturday and hammered out a multibillion-dollar economic cooperation accord.

The deal was a blow to Pyongyang, which remains isolated and economically backward under the Stalinist rule of its founder, Kim Il-Sung.

Until Gorbachev initiated his reform policies, Kim had counted on Moscow as a prime supporter.

The North Korean statement focused on the political content of the Gorbachev-Roh summit.

"At the `talks' Roh attempted to force `reform' and `openness' upon the North by the Soviet person in authority," it said. The statement, issued in the name of a revolutionary group, said that believing that communism can be overthrown in the North is "a fantastic daydream."