Seven police and fire agencies in the county submitted 39 funding requests to the Davis Emergency Medical Services Council, but some - like the Bountiful Fire Department, which submitted 12 proposals - submitted multiple applications.

The council last week reviewed the grant requests, putting them in a priority order to forward to the state's emergency medical services committee for review. The state will have an estimated $400,000 in grant funds this year to distribute statewide.A new ambulance for the South Davis Fire District was endorsed as the county's top priority in applying for state emergency medical service grant money. Second priority went to the sheriff's department paramedics for their request for three defibrillator units for cardiac-arrest patients. Total cost of the units is $21,000, of which the state would pay $12,000.

Some bids, such as the Syracuse Fire Department's request for training for its emergency medical technicians, were small. The department asked for $150 in training costs for each of five EMTs, which earned the fourth priority ranking. A similar request by Kaysville firefighters was ranked third.

A $450 EMT training funding request by the Bountiful department ranked fifth, with a sheriff's department paramedic bid for $3,192 in equipment ranked sixth.

A request for $1,000 in training funds for sheriff's department dispatchers ranked seventh, which is the limit that EMS council members think state funding will cover out of the 39 grant applications.

The remaining requests were all ranked, but the council members indicated there is a small likelihood they will be funded.