Four Scud missiles fired by Afghan government forces slammed into a guerrilla-controlled eastern Afghan town, killing at least 300 people and wounding more than 700 others, resistance officials said.

One of the rockets Saturday evening leveled a three-story building housing about 400 policemen, while another hit an ammunition dump, which exploded and caught fire, sending ordnance raining down on Asadabad, capital of Kunar province and just eight miles from the Pakistan border, the officials said Sunday.There was no word from the communist regime in Kabul on the incident.

Workers Sunday used buckets of river water in a futile attempt to control fires that raged throughout the town as a result of the explosions, witnesses and resistance officials said. Four guerrillas were killed fighting the blazes, they said.

More than 300 bodies were pulled from the rubble of the police building and scores of other houses and shops, said Hayat Ullah, spokesman for the Kamaat-Ul-Dawa, the most powerful guerrilla group in Kunar.

He quoted reports from Asadabad reaching his office in Pakistan as saying more than 700 people were wounded. Hospitals and medical centers in Kunar and neighboring regions of western Pakistan overflowed with casualties, he said.

"Most of the bodies were burned or dismembered beyond recognition. It was horrible," said a Pakistani taxi driver who gave his name as Siraj and who reached the Pakistani frontier city of Peshawar from Asadabad Sunday. "In many cases they just found a dismembered head or a leg in the rubble."

"Everything seemed to have been destroyed," said Shamsul Haq, a Pakistani student who traveled through Asadabad Sunday morning. "The bazaar was just one huge wreck."

Ullah said tractors and bulldozers were clearing the rubble Sunday. He said it was feared more bodies would be found.