One up, one down. That's the way it is with fishing and the thermometer, and right now while the mercury is dropping the fishing is picking up.

Talk around the docks, tackle shops and water coolers these days is of better catches and healthier fish, even from such places as Strawberry Reservoir and Flaming Gorge, where fishing this summer has been difficult.The latest report from Strawberry is that fishing has been good when the temperatures are the coolest - in the morning. By 10 a.m. it begins to slow and by noon it is nearly over. Fish have been in about 15 feet of water and fishermen have been doing well in the mornings on flies, baits and trolling.

Shore fishermen able to find a steep shoreline, where lures and baits can get deep enough, have been doing well in the early hours. One of the better spots has been around Soldier Creek Bay.

The Gorge has been good for kokanee, rainbow and bass. Bass have been in the warmer surface waters, while kokanee have been in waters 40- to 50-feet deep.

Below the Gorge on the blue-ribbon stretch of the Green River, fishing continues to be a challenge. Instead of the larger "Elk Hair Caddis" and "Hopper" patterns, the fish have been taking the tiny "Adams," "Blue Dun" and "Pale Morning Dun" patterns in 16s, 18s and 20s.

Here, too, the best fishing has been in the mornings when the water levels are low. Fish have been coming to the surface to take the midge pupa. Fly fishermen using the small flies with a floating flyline and strike indicators have been doing well.

Fishing in the higher-elevation lakes in the Boulders and Uintas has been good. Some of the best fishing in the higher lakes will be in September.

Perch fishing at Deer Creek has been excellent, reports one angler. Good spots have been around the island, near the state park and Rainbow Bay. Best fishing has been with jigs, any color, tipped with nightcrawler.

Catfish fishing has been holding up at Willard Bay. Good mid-day catches have been reported by fishermen using minnows and nightcrawlers.

Reports on the Weber River have also been good. Some of the best results have been with silver or gold spinners, and attractor fly patterns.