Utah native Clayne M. Yeates, 55, engineer, author and NASA scientist who made major contributions to the exploration of the solar system, died April 18, 1991, at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Glendale, Calif.

He was born February 1, 1936, in Logan and was a graduate of Logan High School, Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Utah State University. In 1966 he received his doctorate in physics from Brigham Young University.Dr. Yeates was influential in the development of scientific instruments in the spacecraft design, and in the design of computer programs used to obtain scientific data on Venus, Mercury and the comet Kohoutek. He participated directly in ultraviolet and plasma science investigations and was the recipient of several NASA awards.

He was appointed Science Manager for the Galileo Project in 1977 and was responsible for all aspects of the Galileo science investigations, including controlling the resources of more than 100 scientists in six countries. His planning and development used in the spacecraft design and mission operations are now being used as a model for future planetary missions.

Dr. Yeates played a significant role in developing innovative ways of obtaining data from Galileo's flybys of Venus, Earth, the moon and the asteroid Gaspra. He is the senior author of a book documenting Project Galileo and its planned exploration of Jupiter.

Funeral services will be held Tuesday, April 23, in Glendale, Calif. Burial services will be private.